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I'll put other intersting things here as I come up with them.

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If you put a link to on one of your pages or blogs, I would be thrilled. If you want a banner to use, just right click on one of the ones below and save it.

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Give me your comments

I welcome your comments. I really, really want to know what you think of my comics. I want to know if you love a particular comic, or if you really hate today's comic. I want to know if I made a typo in a comic. I want to know if you like the web layout. I want to know if there are problems with the web site.

I welcome any suggestions except ideas for comics. That can get us into copyright issues - besides I already have more ideas than I have time to illustrate. Hey, start your own comic strip!

Send your comments to Go on. Do it! I know you can! Don't be afraid. But, whatever you do, don't look behind you. Just slowly walk toward the car. Don't make any sudden movements . . .




All content (c) Dallin S. Durfee