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December 2018 Comics

Thanks for visiting SQCOMIC.COM.

There is a comic in this archive for every day since August 28, 2009. I have learned a lot over the years I have created Strange Quark, and the comic has improved in terms of its humor, the topics it covers, and the artistry. I am proud of the work I have posted to this web page. But because my techniques have improved, only my most recent comics represent my best work. Because I am currently sending my comics to be reviewed by various syndicates, and since I want them to consider Strange Quark as it is now, in its latest, most evolved and polished form, I am currently limiting access to the most recent two years of comics.

Thanks again for reading my comics. Without readership, making comics would be pointless. Thanks for making this enjoyable aspect of my life possible, and I hope to continue to make comics for your enjoyment for many years to come.

Live strange and prosper!

Dallin S. Durfee

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All content (c) Dallin S. Durfee